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Summer Sentiment

The following images were captured via iPhone and Lumix GH3 over the past couple of months. These images serve as a memorable account of my 2016 Summer so far. Many other moments of life have come and gone, but these stills are a small snapshot of what it’s been like to be on the water more than land. Many hours at the helm filled with thoughts of the future and a strong disconnect to society in general. Living isolated moments of singular purpose and staring at the sea in search of other life forms. Today is the second day in a row that I’ve been on land in the past 21 days: slowly feeling more human every second, for now.

Early Summer bluefin taken on a surface lure.

Early Summer bluefin taken on a surface lure.

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Our ‘Silent Friend’ Jeff Rodgers came down to visit from Washington and join me for (3) days of fishing aboard ‘Free Ranger.’ The plan was to hit Catalina, San Clemente Island and Santa Barbara Island to shoot photos and film for a project. The wind had other plans for us so we made adjustments and got to Catalina (joined by Afran Abutin of WARBAITS), Malibu, Palos Verdes, Huntington Beach and Newport Beach to target our favorite fish (calico bass.) These are some of the moving pictures we captured, set to an energetic song: meant to help you feel what we were feeling (Freedom.) 200+ miles. 96 gallons of fuel. 100 fish. Countless memories. Thanks for fishing with me, Jeff – can’t wait to do it again.