Capt. Justin Reynolds

Most of my life has been spent surfing and skateboarding. I tend to go wonky if I’m not in, or on, the water for a while. I can’t stand being trapped indoors for too long. After a career as a professional street skater, I worked in the industry as a Marketing Director and later as a Brand Manager. Too much time in an office had strange affects on my being and somewhere along this voyage my early passion for fishing took over my thoughts. So, for the last decade, I’ve done everything I could to find a way to make fishing – work. I’ve visited incredible fishing destinations around the globe as a camera operator with Michael Fowlkes and Inside Sportfishing. I currently serve as Staff Photographer for The Bight and now here I am offering my services to you as your captain and guide for your next fishing adventure. Let’s go fishing and make some memories

For further information please contact justin@radiosilencefishing.com or (562) 253 5813