A message from our Silent FRIEND Currie Wagner.
Hey Justin,
Just wanted to finally shoot you over some photos from the banner year we have had so far on the Striper Coast.
Things got started a few weeks late, but the last few days have been incredible. Some of the old guys have been saying they haven’t seen fishing like this since the early eighties. Practically every morning during the Thanksgiving break we have seen fish counts in the teens and its not unusual to hear of guys creaming as many as 20+ fish during the morning bite. The town is a buzz, not like the kind we see during the summer months where flocks of drunken college kids are stumbling around trying to get on MTV. More of a buzz where the 7-11s are packed at 4:30am with gentlemen in waders getting morning coffee and a parking lot full of cars with rods in rod racks. Check some of the photos from my friend Kristian (CLICK) of me and my buddies during a late Legendary run of fish. Fall is such an awesome time of year over here, you really need to get out here!