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The Child On The Pipe

yellowtail, fishing, boston whaler, newport, calico bass

Catch & release fishing gets HANDLED!

The Child is here, and it’s been good to our local waters.
These sessions took place between July 3rd and early October, on The Pipe in Newport Beach, California. Waya and I were in their heads. We had em’ figured out!
These fish were caught between 45′ and 90′ of water over structure, that had kelp growing on the uphill and downhill side. You had to pull hard to get them into the boat.
I used Kicker 25 Light surface irons, with an 80H TriHelix blank and a Shimano TranX with a buttoned down drag; spooled with 80lb Power Pro and a 50lb Seaguar Fluro topshot.
This was all catch & release fishing, so no fish were harmed.

Therapy Sessions

“How was fishing?”
“Uh, epic.”
How can you explain what a long day on the water is like to somebody that wasn’t there with you?
Even through photographs and video, how can you help somebody understand what it feels like to be a part of the world in such a special way?
I’m still searching for a way to do just that.

This video isn’t about catching fish.
This video isn’t about exploiting techniques.
This video isn’t about trying to make you think fishing is cool.

This video is me trying to share what I see on the water when I’m fishing with my friends.
I’m seeing these adventures through a view finder at times and it helps me to be able to look back at some meaningful experiences on the ocean.

Maybe it’s not as dramatic as it seems to me.
Maybe it’s JUST fishing.
If that’s all it is – I’m pleased to be JUST fishing.