Since 2006, my wife Holly, my daughter Ojaio and I have been in a fight against Cystic Fibrosis as a family (Ojaio has CF.) Shortly after Ojaio was born, I started this site as a place to share adventures, tactics and visuals that I was capturing while on the water. The site also served as a place where I could focus my energy on creating future opportunities to make fishing for a living a reality.

The only product that I have ever created through this brand, is media…and it’s always been free.
I’ve given so much of my experiences away through words and visuals and hopefully shortened the learning curve for many people just getting into saltwater bass fishing.

This project with KICKER represents another commitment I’ve made to fishing, that I won’t see a penny from…but in doing so, I’m helping really special FRIENDS that in turn will be helping not only OUR FAMILY, but every FAMILY in a fight against Cystic Fibrosis. When you purchase this ‘Radiosilence and Kicker Kit‘ (limited edition) – a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the CFF and the money goes directly toward research for a cure.

RS & Kicker Kit ('Catching Cap', 'Silence Is Golden' jig and 'Sacred Grounds' T-shirt)

RS & Kicker Kit
(‘Catching Cap’, ‘Silence Is Golden’ jig and ‘Sacred Grounds’ T-shirt)

The ‘kit’ itself includes a Kicker 25 light in ‘Silence Is Golden’ colorway, an RS & Kicker ‘Catching Cap’ and a ‘Sacred Grounds’ T-shirt with a photo of the waters above Sacramento Reef that I took earlier this year.

The edit includes sessions during the testing stage of the jig as well as numerous other Kicker colors that needed to be proven.

I hope you enjoy the video and if you decide to purchase this ‘kit’ – Thanks for your support and I hope that I can repay you for your generosity some day by taking you fishing!